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Monday, December 3, 2007

New Vitas Site! Official English Language Site

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEJacksonville Beach, FL – December 3, 2007

Yovia and Gemini Sun Records Unite to Launch Opera Star Vitas using Social Media

Yovia, the pioneer of social-focused advertising has partnered with Gemini Sun Records to launch the U.S. career of Russian opera star Vitas. The unique singer and world-renowned performer's fresh style and wide vocal range have already earned him millions of fans globally, including over 4 million fans on the popular video-sharing site YouTube.Gemini Sun Records and Yovia are using an innovative new social media optimization (SMO) approach to introduce Vitas to the U.S. market. Yovia will utilize social media marketing techniques to harness Vitas's expansive online presence, and ultimately market and sell a new exclusive Collector's Edition audio-visual CD/DVD set designed to showcase the best of Vitas’ stunning live performances to North American fans. As part of this extensive campaign Vitas will be introduced on Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and Google, as well as through a broad blog network.

“This is the future of advertising,” said Jalali Hartman, CEO of Yovia.“Consumers naturally spread the word about things that are interesting or valuable, and with over 4 million YouTube fans and 20 million fans in Asia and Europe, Vitas definitely has that broad appeal. He showed up on our radar over a year ago, and we’re excited to represent him online.”

“We're taking advantage of this social media approach to spread the word about this amazing new artist," said Nicholas Gunn of Gemini Sun Records. “Frankly, record companies need to really embrace this new media. Yovia is pioneering this distribution technique, so we're excited to partner with them to bring Vitas to the U.S. Market."
The companies entered into a joint venture this week to introduce a new English-language Vitas fan club, which will serve as the central property for an internet-wide campaign to launch Vitas in the United States. Fans can visit the new fan club and participate in what is being called the Vitas!Vitas! Movement at
About Yovia:Yovia, the first social media agency, is pioneering this new way to advertise. Employing their network of over 150 bloggers and contributors around the world, as well as 167 of the world’s top social networks and search engines, Yovia uses a patent-pending methodology to ‘spread the word’ about various topics. By creating and engaging in natural conversations with millions of people, Yovia is able to create large amounts of internet traffic for advertiser partners, including publishers, movie studios, musicians and online communities. Founded by executives and researchers from MTV Networks, DoubleClick and MEC LABS, Yovia has offices in Florida and New York.

For more information, visit Yovia on the web at Gemini Sun Records:

Gemini Sun Records represents an eclectic roster of musicians including Terry Oldfield, 2002, three-time Grammy nominee David Arkenstone, and recent acquisition Vitas. President/CEO Nicholas Gunn, himself a multi-platinum musician, ensures fans of Gemini Sun's artists benefit from cutting edge internet trends in delivery of multimedia, internet radio, and downloads. Gemini Sun Records is based in California.

For more information, visit Gemini Sun Records on the web at

Contact:Jalali Hartman
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